When it comes to proper installation or replacement of your machinery, IPE can provide heavy rigging and crane services tailored to the specific needs of your project.

IPE is staffed with certified welders and experienced fabricators. As part of our new, updated facility, our welding shop is complete with everything needed to custom fabricate or spec build to meet your project’s needs.

You can’t spell PIPE without IP&E! From copper pneumatic piping to custom stainless-steel double walled construction, IPE can fabricate and install piping for every industrial application.

The modern millwright must be able to combine expertise from many skilled trades in order to build, install, and maintain today’s machinery. At IPE, we have these skills, coupled with the proper equipment to maintain your facility.

There are times when equipment must be installed or replaced within a short period of time. IPE is the contractor you want to take your machinery replacement projects from start to finish and minimize the downtime to your facility.

Our trained and experienced Confined Space Entry (CSE) teams perform OSHA classified Permit-Required and Non-Permit Required entry in a variety of categories, including tanks, storage vessels, pump pits, ovens, silos and more.

IPE Rigging

IPE Rigging Corp.

Our management staff and project engineers, coupled with experienced millwrights, pipe fitters, certified welders, and riggers can take your job from start to finish. IPE has been in business since 1991, providing service to some of the largest clients in Industrial and Commercial applications around the country. Difficult jobs, heavy equipment, and around the clock shutdowns have become typical work for IPE and help us to stand out in our field time and time again.